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Achievements | Nov 13, 2017
Students can benefit from our Arabic Language courses with two different levels absolutely free of charge.
Courses and Classes | Dec 09, 2013
- Yahia Husein Malas : electrical technician CAP 1st in Lebanon. - Nzeim Eid Habib : electrical technician CAP 2nd in Lebanon. - Mohamed Bader Zohbi : electrical technician CAP 3rd in Lebanon. - Abdel Naser Khodor : electrical technician CAP 4th in Lebanon. - Elie Antoine Dahdah : electrical technician CAP 5th in Lebanon. - Ahmad Bahjat Sraj : Chef school BP: 7th in Lebanon. - Emily Raymond Hayek : Hotel Management BT: 8th in Lebanon. - Georges Jean Alam : electronics BT: 9th in Lebanon.
Sports | Dec 09, 2013
Congratulation for our football team that took the north championship first place
Projects | Dec 09, 2013
Here you can see our students projects.