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Our campus consist of 30,000 m2 of olive fields, three buildings totaling 7000 m2

 including a 400 student dormitory, a restaurant with independent kitchen, two kitchens for training,

 a cafe with a cocktail bar for service training, two computer labs including 20 PC and 15 Laptop,

three electricity labs including a 2011 State of the art De Lorenzo computerized lab and two labs for electronics.

 For entertainment a Hygienic indoor playground, outdoor playgrounds, basketball court, football court and a volley ball court, baby foot and pool table.

 20 computer gaming network,  a Playstation arcade and two TV rooms

 with a 60" TV, a 120 " wall projector with a library of 2000 educational movies in English, French and Arabic

all activities are free of charge for our students.