Nader Association for Delinquent Enfant Rehabilitation

Nader Education Institute

.Mission Target


.Services Offered





...The Personel


.Our Team

To accomplish its mission and to take to good ending this multiple-dimensional task , a pluridisiplineary and complementary staff was engaged

- A logistic team :

- A director.

- A secretary ( accounting ).

- Cuisine chef .

- Cleaning, laundry, and clothing staff ( 3 ) .

- A professional team:

- A social worker .

- A psychotherapist .

- 2 specialized educators .

- One teacher .

- One social animator .

- 2 trainers .

- 2 supervisors ( night and day ) .

- A workshop chef ( twice a week) .

- A physical educator ( 0nce a week) .


Healthcare corps ( as needed ):

- A pediatrician ( once a month and when needed) .

- A dentist .

- An ophthalmologist and optician .

- A psychiatrist .

- Specialized doctors for specific cases .

Characteristics of the targeted population:

-About 90% of the families are under the line of poverty.
-About 50% of the parents are divorced.
-About 50% of the parents are illiterate and the other50% have almost a primary level education.
-About 80% of the fathers are alcoholic
-About 20% of either parents are or were in jail.
-About 95% of the fathers work on an unstable basis.
-About 95% of the mothers do not have jobs .
-About 55% of the families have already one ore more delinquent child .
-About 90% of mothers are badly treated by the fathers or step fathers .
-About 90% of the children are badly treated by the fathers or step fathers .
-About 95% of the families live in bad sanitary conditions and in houses that are not their property .

- Specific Needs :

To achieve the professional education for those who are Interested in certain domains, the association needs :

   - Equipments and chef for carpentry.
   - Equipments and chef of cuisine.
   - Equipments and teacher for hair dressing.

And to induce more participation and cooperation of the society the association opens the opportunity to adopt a child at 14 $ a month with facilitation of getting access to the child follow-up by all means of contact (internet, telephone or visits on field ).

In case you want to help:
   Use these phone numbers 009619750894-009613409623. You can help also the way you want. Your help is a need for the continuity of our work.Thank you.